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The Outfitters NL 49th Cross Country Ski Marathon


Event Package & Maps


Timing Results


Photos of the event


Video of the start


Standing ovations for Judy May


Jon Earle (The Outfitters) & George Smith (President Aurora Nordic) presenting Gold
to Judy May






The Outfitters (overall event including banquet)


The Appalachian Chalet & RV (medals)
Shears (Entertainment System; toe boards)



Colemans & Foodland
(Rest/ Feed Stations on the trails)
Digital Advertising Solutions



Blow Me Down winning the PERCY PIEROWAY (3 fastest females from one club) & the ARTHUR BAKER (3 fastest skiers from one club) trophies.

Aurora Nordic Ski Club in St. Anthony won the ERNIE LANGDON trophy based on percent of members attending and distance traveled.


The 49th NL Cross Country Ski Marathon also brought together
Jamie Graham, Wally Skinner, Graham Oliver, Mac Turner, Dough Follow & Angus Simpson,
who also skied at Pasadena's first Marathon event, held in 1978.


Junior Development Tickets:
CCNL & friends sold 4,763 tickets this season!
Here are the WINNERS of the draws:

1. Ticket # 2871 - Todd Smith Gander (No seller name listed)
2. Ticket # 0241 - Darlene Power
3. Ticket # 4541 - Karen Youden-Walsh
4. Ticket # 2116 - Alison Keats
5. Ticket # 5349 - Barb Giardine
6. Ticket # 5560 - Norma Chapman
7. Ticket # 3198 - Barry Brown
8. Ticket # 3690 - Danny Chappell


* Bruce, George, Heber, Mike, Pat & Pat for looking after the Trails, Grooming, Signage, Stadium & Clean Up;

* PSNP Ski Buddies & friends for looking after the Kitchen, Canteen & Chalet;

* Mac & his team for Cooking the Scrumptious Banquet Meal;

* Paul & his dad Lorne for Entertaining you all day and bringing you info & the latest results & photos to the screen;

* Shell LeDrew for roaming the trails in search of capturing skiers in their action (plus post editing and posting of these awesome photos);

* Bernice, Lynn & Claude for taking care of the 6,000 Junior Development Tickets, Money & Draw;

* ChRis, John, Chris B, Deb, Wilf, Charles, Jennifer, Sandra, Pat, Bruce, Heber & Pat for Guiding, Feeding & Checking on skiers on the trails and encouraging them to continue in their quest;

* Erik & Kevin for ensuring you got a parking space;

* Patrick, Lorraine, Barry, Lois, Karen & Jennifer for looking after timing, helping with race package & bibs;

* Brian (TD) & Jana (Coordinator) for overseeing the event;


Your Feedback from the event:

"Thank you very much for organizing the marathon this year.  The trails were beautiful and all the volunteers were very friendly and helpful.  I tried to say thank you at the various stations but my mouth was a bit frozen so I can’t be sure what they heard!  😀 I had to catch an earlier flight home than expected so I missed the banquet unfortunately."
    Paul Dancey
Thank you for hosting such a great event, it was very enjoyable and Mother Nature cooperated nicely.  The volunteers were wonderful and helpful.
Thanks also for being so cautious of my sons nut allergy, you don't see that very often.  It's very appreciated.
Thanks again for a fantastic day!!"

     Natalie Hughes
"Hey guys!  Thanks for a great race!  The course was very tough but it was very well run.  The food stations were well placed and well stocked.  Signage on the 13 k loop was excellent.  I skied the course on Wednesday and you clearly did a ton of grooming to get it as hard packed as you did. Great job!  The volunteers were first rate and always cheering people on.  The banquet was excellent (moose!!).  Timing results were posted quickly and all the photos were amazing.  Stephenville is a tough act to follow and you did great!  A+ !!Big thank you to all the volunteers who put off such a great event.  Really appreciate all the support you gave the provinces racers and the great events you run.  After seeing the great job you did at this event and the NL games last year I am sure there is no event you can’t run! "
     Jamie Merrigan
"Hi PSNP, Thank you for organizing such a great event. This was my first marathon, and I enjoyed it very much and was so impressed by the organization and kindness of the volunteers and race officials. Thanks,"
     Dan Reese
"My thanks to an awesome group of volunteers for such a very well organized and MOST CHALLENGING  event!
You did yourselves proud; Sincerely,"
  Ruth Foresey
"My girl had great day!!!Thanks "
   Kathy Hughes
"Congratulations on a smoothly run marathon. Even though the trails were quite challenging, you ensured that the overall experience was a positive one.
It was so encouraging to see youthful participation.  Their eagerness added strength to the event for all of us.
I commend your volunteers who worked on your registration desk, the timing squad, the guides along the trail, those on the fuel stations and those at the finish line. The efficiency and friendliness were very much appreciated.
The evening’s banquet defined itself with excellent organization .  Of course the food was sumptuous as well.
Before ending, I must state that I was impressed to see a lady in the Emcee role.  She handled it with such a friendly confidence.
All involved with the organization of this provincial event should be extremely proud of
Its unfolding.  Great work! Sincerely,"

    Noreen Dwyer "
"I skied the Veterans course 22km  and enjoyed every minute of it, congrats on a job well done."
    Greg Alexander 

"Hi there.  Thank you so much for a great event.

In particular the signage, food, and grooming was excellent.  It is a great treasured privilege to ski in an event run by such caring and thoughtful volunteers.  
One thing about prizes...1. When adults get medals kids should get medals.  There were some kids who were disappointed not to get them.  Also, probably a good idea to give the kids prizes first and then let them play while the rest of the awards are distributed.  The most important goal is for the kids to make friends and have a blast and want to do it again.
Really the prizes for the kids are the only ones that matter.
Medal recycling is discussed at every agm for the association and never seems to vet traction.  What I would like to see for the adult categories is the option be provided to return the medal awarded into a "medal bucket" at the end of the evening.  Few adults want to keep their medals.
However overall we did have a lot of kids and that is perhaps more important than anything else.
At BMD I think we fell down a bit by not delivering more jackrabbits.  
There was one surprise bmd jackrabbit i didn't expect...kaila mintz.  
Again thanks for a wonderful marathon."
    Andrew May

"It was a fabulous event! You folks did a great job! Happy Trails!!"
    George Smith


"Thanks to all the folks at the Pasadena Ski and Nature Park who did such a great job of welcoming everyone to the 49th X-C Marathon and for pulling off such an excellent event.  I had the pleasure of attending the 1978 Marathon at Pasadena and while I have to confess I do not remember the event in detail I am sure I enjoyed this last one just as much, or more!

Since then I have attended at least 39 others, each of which had it’s own unique events, memories and challenges.  I will remember the 49th in Pasadena for its hospitality, warmth, excellent food and all the climbing!!!  Thanks again for a great event."

    Doug Fowlow


   And a few suggestions from Stephen Dyke for future Marathon events:


"Hi, Thanks for organizing the event.

" If there is anything we could take into consideration for another time/ event, please do let us know.."
The start line was about 6 people wide and about 10 deep but the run up through the stadium was only about 200m to the trail head which was only wide enough for 1 skier, consequently, this sudden bottleneck produced a traffic jam where skiers were skiing over other skiers' skis and poles and some were coming to a stop.  I was in the front row but still experienced this tangle.  After the race, several skiers commented to me about this bottleneck problem.  There is also a traffic jam problem on long climbs early in the race where a slower climber is at the front of a string of faster climbers. A better approach would be to use an interval start (or time trail) format where the fastest skier starts first and the slowest stating last departing at 1 min intervals (or 30 sec).  As I mentioned before, the CCC rules indicates a 3 m wide trail system is only suitable for a interval start but not a mass start, which requires a 6m wide trail.  These rules never came about without reason, they were based on experience. Locally, there seems to aversion to interval start races.  More people would probably formally complain, but they probably don't realize there is a option to mass start events on trails that are too narrow.
It appears some slow skiers I caught on the climb were wearing ear buds as it appeared they couldn't hear me when I called out "Track" a few times.  Head phones and ear buds should be banned from future events.
Regarding the race information package PDF, on a computer screen the purple 42km course was clear, but when I printed it the hard copy the course was very difficult to identify.
"I just studied the race package maps.
As I mentioned-above, I had to pass many slow 21.8 and 10.9 km skiers on the section of the climb where the 10.9 and 13.5km loops converged up to the 1st aid station on the first loop.  Passing slow skiers on narrow uphills is difficult whereas passing them on downhills is easy because they take up less trail width.  Furthermore, it appears some were wearing ear buds and couldn't hear me call out "Track". If the mass start of the 10.9 and 21.8km was about 15 minutes after the mass start of the 41.5km this conflict could have been avoided.  I guess the faster 41.5lm skiers had to pass almost fifteen slower 10.9/21.8 skiers on that section.
Even better, the 10.9 and 20.8km skiers could have been interval started after 41.5km skiers were interval started.  This approach would have significantly reduced the congestion, conflict and blocking tactics on the narrow trail system."
"One last comment:  I guess you may have comments that the skaters were skiing over the classic tracks and this difficult to avoid on the climbs.  In the future, you may want to consider starting the skate race first with no classic tracks (except on some downhill sections), then shortly after the last skater finishes Loop 2 start setting a classic track for the classic event.  The problem with this, however, is the volunteers are expected to be there longer.
Most skaters will use a classic track on the long straight-ish downhill sections as it give one's legs a break and its sometimes faster, so for the skate event, classic tracks could be set on these sections."